Friday, April 4, 2014

New Posts on the New Site!

That completely new site I previewed for everyone a couple of weeks ago is now LIVE and has all the goodness of this site plus more on it.

I'll be updating my blog on there now and hope you'll all come over and bookmark it. If you have any difficulty following that blog compared to this one, let me know and I'll have the appropriate tools added for you.

It's my goal to make a site that is easier to use where I can better communicate with you, the readers. New books are coming out in short order and trade paperback versions of all my books are being readied for distro. I'm going to hold a couple of giveaways very soon for autographed versions of the whole Silo 49 series. Be sure not to lose track of me!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cover Reveal for Synchronic!

And here it is! Well, it is the mock up for it anyway. Just take a look at those names. Can you believe I'm in there with them? Well, I am and I'm super excited.

So what is my story about and why am I in a time travel anthology? Answer to the second part is easy. I've never done it and I wanted to see if I could. Not to mention that the chance to be on paper and in bytes with two of my favorite authors was simply too much to resist.

As to what my story is is my blurb:

Everyone wishes they could change something in their past once in a while. Whether it is that embarrassing comment at an office party or going back to save a life lost too soon, we all wish for the impossible at least once. When too many people are given that power and no ability to control their fleeting thoughts of change, what happens is more than chaos. It could be the end.

I'm not sure how I feel about the blurb quite yet, but I know that I like the story. It's utterly and completely different from anything I've attempted before. The characters are in an impossible situation and they handle it so very differently. I sure hope that when this comes out, you'll read it and let me know what you think.

Monday, March 24, 2014

So...Is that a sexy new webpage? Why yes, yes it is!

I confess that I love this simple and easy to use blogspot page. It's provided a way to communicate with readers that I can actually use without screaming incoherently in frustration.

Well, this and now Facebook and Twitter and....

::cough:: Anyway, I've found a great web designer who has been busy at work creating a new and more comprehensive site for me that is easy to use for readers while still workable by me.

So take a tour of it and let me know what you think. Stinky or delicious? (It even has a nice easy address to remember!)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wool Gathering is Published!

 Get it on Amazon

Wool Gathering: Stories from the Silo is out and available on Amazon. Eight stories from some of the best Silo story tellers are included in 171 pages of glorious silo-ness.

The reviews are excellent already and I couldn't be happier.

So, what did I put in there and is it related to Silo 49? Yep! My story, The Last Republican, takes place in the time leading up to entry into the silo and directly after. I genuinely like these characters and hope you will as well.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

ARC Drawing for Woolgathering

I should have posted this on Saturday night, but the ARC drawing happened then and congrats to the two who got them. These ARCs (Advanced Reader/Review Copies) are as rare as hen's teeth and very limited.

For everyone else, be sure to sign up for the newsletter (to the right of the page at, near the top). About once every month or two I'll send something out, but I'll also announce ARC sign ups, contests for signed copies and new releases there.

As for the free days, they end tomorrow for Silo 49: Deep Dark, so if you haven't picked it up, grab it before the promo ends. Silo 49: Going Dark will stay free for as long as Amazon lets me.

And, as always, do try to leave a review. They help indie writers more than I can express.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are they all going free? Answers to your many emails.

I got home from work today to find forty-four...yes 44...emails and other notes from readers asking if the rest of the series is going to be free soon because Silo 49: Going Dark went perma-free and now book two, Silo 49: Deep Dark is on free promotion.

The answer is...sadly, no. I don't do free promos but this is a one shot deal to celebrate the final permafree status on Amazon. I think giving away half the series (more than half if you take word count into it) is probably enough.

Another question that popped up in one of those emails, I'll answer:

Q: Why are your books different in length and price? Are those two overpriced shorts or real books?

A: They are all priced based on length and mine are bargain priced because I'm a newbie.
--Going Dark is 40+K words, which is a novella or about half the length of a standard novel. That is free but it was 99 cents because I like the idea of 99 cents.'s a cute word.
--Deep Dark is over 80K words, which is novel length. So, it's a full book.
--Dark Till Dawn is also the 80K sort, so another full novel.
--Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded is 20K+ words, or what I call a novelette and some call a novella. It is 99 cents.

To put it in perspective, the original WOOL was 12K words or so.

My books vary in length because I chose not to break them up into hanging episodes and instead release each new book as a stand alone piece. I think I enjoy books more when I don't have to wait a month between each new snippet of a few chapters.
The first one is shorter because there was less to tell. The middle two build in the detail and take the reader on the journey of a culture developing in a dark silo. Flying Season is a side story about two rather well liked characters in DTD, by reader request.

And a reminder, see the post below. I've gotten very few people signed up to get a chance at the ARC for WOOLGATHERING. It's a rare chance to read a book weeks before others do. See the post.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

ARC Giveaway of WOOLGATHERING Anthology

As some of you know, I was asked to be a part of a WOOL anthology. The proceeds will go to charity. While there are still some legal details to work out to be sure the charity is good with the final product and so on, the book itself is now done!

As you can see from the cover, it's a bunch of great writers who know their WOOL. My story is a prequel to Silo 49: Going Dark about the very day people went into the silos. Oh yes, and there are cute beagles. So there.

We're trying to do this launch right and in the pursuit of doing things right, we are each allowed to give way two ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy). This is what gets sent to reviewers and such so that a review of a book can appear on the date of release.

It will be in electronic format so you can put it to your kindle and read just like normal.

This is not the same as Beta reading. You can give us feedback if you want, but that isn't at all expected. Instead, we'd like you post a review on Amazon on the date of release. A truthful review!

Since this implies agreement, I won't just pull a winner from the mailing list. Instead, I'll select from people who specifically desire to enter. You can post a comment or you can just email me (contact form to the right). Either way, I'll select the winners soon so don't delay.

You'll be the first ones to read it and that is always cool. Good luck!