Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beta Readers for Silo 49: Deep Dark Wanted

Howdy All!

Intense re-writes have been going on for part 2 of the Silo 49 trilogy even though my original plan was to actually have it live and in your hands by now.

I read every review with care and try to parse out what the words mean in terms of the reading experience for each person. I'm certainly not the only author to do that, but I really do appreciate now how hard it can be to figure out what a reviewer really means in terms of the work.

Of course, I'm tickled, flaming neon pink with racing stripes...when I read a 5 star review and very sad when I read one that is less than complimentary, but each one also has a lesson for me to use. I'm trying to improve the series, not just continue it.

I'm a scientist, not a professional writer. Who knew it was this hard?

So, back to the point. After reading the reviews I took a hard and critical look at Deep Dark, got feedback from an experienced author and then set to chopping it up. I'm closing in on something I can be happy with but what will readers think?

If you've read Silo 49: Going Dark and are looking forward to Silo 49: Deep Dark, then you might be just the reader I'm looking for. For those not familiar with the Beta Reader process; in brief, I'll send you an advance copy of Deep Dark via email and you read it. That's pretty much it except that in return you tell me what you thought, where you felt it was slow, redundant or especially good. There is generally a very short window of time to read and return your thoughts, like a week. You also agree not to share the file with anyone, ever.

If you're interested, you can leave a comment and I can comment back. You can also write me directly at ann(dot)christyauthor(AT)gmail(dot)com. I also have that handy "Contact Me" form to the right.

On a side note, W.J. Davies has finished up his series with a new release, "The Watcher", and it is fantabulous! If you haven't read that Wool based fan fiction series, I can heartily recommend it. Tight writing, intense storyline and broad finish. Good stuff.

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