Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nerves, Reviews and Writer's Block

Hello All!

I see that quite a few of the readers out there have grabbed up the second book, Silo 49: Deep Dark and I'm happy that you have. I sure hope you enjoyed it...however...

I have no clue if you did.

The first review came, surprisingly, from the UK Amazon site. (Shout out to John M, whoever you are. Thank you!)

That is where the nerves and writer's block come in. I waited an absolutely agonizing three days for the first review for Going Dark and thought I might explode by the time that first one rolled into sight. It's been eleven days since the new one is out and not a single review.

Since I figure out the meaning of things in the world for a living, I have a tendency to analyze what goes on around me. Who wants to bet that I haven't been obsessed with what the lack of reviews mean? LOL. I wouldn't take that bet.

My tendency is to think that means people walk away with a "meh" feeling. They don't hate it enough to rant and they don't love it enough to say Wow. Or, perhaps, it means that because it is longer and isn't likely to be one that people open and finish at once, that they are tired of it by the time it is over. ::shrugs:: Either way that is bad.

On the up side, I have received a few emails from people who said they loved it and wanted to either know when book three is coming or if they can be Beta readers for book three. That is very nice!

But, as time goes on, I worry. And I haven't written a word in five days. I deleted one, but I simply couldn't even find a single word to replace that one.

So, please help me shake off this writer's block, upset tummy and nervousness. Whether you hated it, loved it or it just left you cold, say so on Amazon! Leave a review! It doesn't have to take long and it doesn't have to be War and Peace. It will help others to know if they should take it or leave it, too. That can only be a good thing. Silo 49: Deep Dark on Amazon

I would really appreciate it! And so would Lillian, Leo, Greg, Zara and all the other characters who are languishing in awkward positions while I try to write them.


  1. Hi, I reviewed your first book on Amazon (positively), and just bought this one this morning 5 minutes after realizing you had put the next in the series out. I promise I'll review it, but it may take a few days, with 282 pages(and I read multiple things simultaneously). I'd have to guess the length has more to do with no reviews than apathy.

  2. Thanks Scott! I sure do hope you enjoy it!

  3. Anne, I hadn't realised that I was the first to review Deep Dark. It is truly a great read. I have enjoyed Marina's journey up the silo to a new future. I hope you take this as the compliment it was meant, but your writing style is very similar to Hugh Howey's making it easy to accept that your work is another facet of the Wool world. My wife and I are looking forward to receiving Dust on Thursday, but we will be keeping an eye out for the rest of Vol. 3. Thank you for bringing Silo 49 to life for us.


  4. John - Thank you! I do consider that a compliment! Maybe it's a nautical thing and people who spend a lot of (or too much) time at sea just start talking alike. It could happen. You know what they say about a sailor's language.

    Volume three, Dark Till Dawn, will be out in about 4 weeks. Have fun with Dust! - Ann