Saturday, November 9, 2013

Funny Stuff and an Update on Book Three

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Sorry I've been out of touch and was slow on answering some of the mail that came in via the Contact Me widget.  I think I got everybody answered as of this morning so if you haven't gotten a reply, shoot me another email because you got ate by the machine.

I had a lovely case of food poisoning that will forever leave scorch marks on my memory. That and a wonder for nurses who seem immune to anything they see in a hospital and still smile and pat your arm. No worries though, I'm functional and back at work on the book!

So, after being away from the computer for a few days I saw that some new reviews came in and, of course, I went right to them.  One of them was bad but also hilarious.

The title was, "Desperate housewife meets Plato".  I'm totally not making that up. It's right there on Amazon.  It actually made me feel a little bad because I didn't think Marina was at all like that. Fashion obsessed? No. Cheating on spouse? No. Superficial? No.

Either way, there it is, bringing down my average.  So, if you read either book and liked it, please do me a huge favor and write a review on Amazon. They don't need to be long. And, I appreciate them!

Now for the update.  Work is moving apace on the last book and I don't foresee any huge delays coming.  Given the horror of what happens when other series end poorly or haphazardly, I'm doing my best to make this be what it needs to be.

This is also NaNoWriMo, which comes each November, and I'm working on a soon to be released book for that.  It is called "Lulu 394".  I sure hope some of you that read and liked the Silo 49 series so far will venture to read that one too.

And one more thing: I've had a lot of people contact me that they didn't get notified by Amazon when Silo 49: Deep Dark came out even though they clicked that button on my Author Page there.  It is a bit unreliable.  If you want notification of my releases, use the contact me widget and just let me know.  I will only use it to let you know of a new book.  If you specifically want, I'll also let you know of any giveaways I do in the future. (None planned right now but who knows?)  I hate spam and I won't spam you.

I hope everyone is doing well out there and having a great start to the big holiday season, where shopping gets vicious and the lists from kids get long.

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