Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Closing in on the finish; Beta Readers Get Ready!

Yes, I'm way late.  But, I'm also way late on holiday gift shopping and have not made a single Christmas cookie (something I'm known for and my neighbors will be unhappy about).

Instead, I've been working...working...working on the third installment of Silo 49.

Have you any notion of how hard it is to get in the mood for dark, silo thoughts when Christmas lights are twinkling?  Argh!

Quite a few people have asked to be beta readers and I'll be emailing you to find out your availability given the holiday season.   Others who haven't signed up for it are more than welcome to.  Just use the Contact Me form to the right and be sure your return email address is correct.

Qualifications for being a beta reader? You like to read, you've read the other two so you know the story and you aren't afraid to tell an author the truth.  Beta readers will be primarily telling me if they like the story, the characters and what struck them as awkward or not enjoyable.  If you catch an odd grammar or spelling error, you'll be my hero but that certainly isn't required.  You'll get a week from the day I send it to respond.

I had thought to get an editor, but the delay involved for publication is too much considering the mail I'm getting.  That process certainly does take a while!

And as a final note and a hint to Silo 49 fans:  You might want to make sure you get a copy of Silo 49: Dark Till Dawn quickly when published.  That cover is going to be a short run and big changes are coming.  Hint, super hint.

Also, if you haven't put a review down for either book, do take a moment and write one.  It makes a huge difference in how the Amazon shuffling of books happens. Happy Reading!

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