Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Charity Silo Short Story and Updates!

Hey readers!  I hope your new year is being kind to you and everyone who got a shiny new kindle for the holidays is packing it with delicious indie books.

A goodly number of the Silo Saga writers are getting together to do a charity anthology of silo stories and it looks like they are going to be good ones.  Yours truly is adding one but I was having a hard time figuring out what to write.

Well, it came to me today and I just finished the first draft.  I'm calling it, "The Last Republican" and it is a story that takes place just before and after the "event" that puts them all in the silo. I rather like it. Now I just need to make sure I'm not delusional and that it is worth it before getting to the hard part and editing it.

On to Silo 49: Dark Till Dawn...

I see that a whole lot of you have picked it up but there are just two reviews so I'm chewing my lip to find out if you like it. Do you?

If you did, please write a review on Amazon. It's the only way to be seen so they are important. It's the way that you, the reader (and me when I'm the reader) change the landscape of Amazon by telling others what is good to read. You probably get sick of hearing it, but the reviews make or break a book. Enough said.

As always, I'm just an email or Contact Me form away.  I've already heard from a few of you who want more Greg and Lizbet.  A few others have asked for another book on what happens afterward.

I have definitely heard you. I'll rely on more feedback to tell me which way I should go next. So keep it coming.

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