Friday, January 17, 2014

Silo 49: Flying Season for the Misrecorded

So....yeah....I thought this would be a short story I would put out somehow, but it got longer.  Also, I've gotten a lot of emails asking me for more (or Moar!) about Greg and Lizbet.

At this point it is just shy of 20K words and that looks like where it will stay. I'm not sure what to call that in terms of categories. According to the Nebula Awards site, that would classify as a Novella, but I tend to think of those as longer.

I gave a preview of it a few posts back so if you like the taste of that, give me a shout out using the Contact Me form to your right and tell me.  Also if you think it sucks.

Do you think I should go ahead and publish it?

According to one Alpha reader who just got done with it, she started crying about halfway through and then kept sniffling the entire rest of the story. I was pretty appalled by that since I was looking for emotional connection but not that. But she claims it is a good thing because it was "beautiful" and she cries easily.

Really not sure what to think about that. I might need to call on a few of you who have volunteered so graciously to Beta read to see what you think.

As to what's up with the rest of Silo 49, alas, still only 4 reviews. I'm not sure what to think of that since by now I should have a lot more based on sales and the reviews from the first two. It's fairly disheartening.  I'm left thinking: Did I miss the mark? Make people unhappy with the outcome?

On to brighter notes.  The charity anthology of WOOL stories, called WOOL GATHERING is shaping up nicely! Some real talent will be inside there from some of the popular Silo Saga authors. I've seen a preview of the cover and it is super awesome. I'm hoping to be able to show it to you on the blog soon.

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