Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Silo 49 In Hardcopy? Say it isn't so...

Oh yes, soon enough the Silo 49 Trilogy will be available in hardcopy. Whoot! Very soon you should see the first book in the Trilogy available as an ebook through venues other than Amazon, too.

In other news....

An incredible collection of short to not-so-short WOOL stories is set to be released soon which will feature yours truly.  It's to benefit charity and I sure hope you like my addition.

I've named it: "The Last Republican"

If you recall...way, way the Shift series we learned from Hugh that the Democratic National Convention took place at a certain spot on a certain fateful day. Guess what my story covers.

Also, soon to be released is a tie in story for Silo 49 that tells the story of Greg and Lizbet. So far, every single alpha reader has cried. That's what I like to hear!

Also - as always, please review if you can bear to do so on Amazon. I know some people just can't do it and I respect that, so no pressure. (That is not my elbow nudging you. Surely not.)

Contact me at any time for any reason by using the form to the right. I've been answering questions and I like hearing from readers.

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