Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Freebies, Print and Major Milestones

Lots to relay today but all of it exciting. Plus a favor (no, not reviews) to ask of folks who read.

First off: Print!

The fabulous cover artist for the Silo 49 Series is currently working on making the print covers for Going Dark and Flying Season right now. Yes, print! But note that I said the first and the fourth book in the series. The reason? Because I'm going to do the fourth book first. That way, I can see what it looks like and be sure of my layout on the shortest book rather than the longest ones. If it looks good, then I'll be doing all the rest in short order.

I wasn't going to do print at all because I didn't think people would want them but then I got so many nice emails from readers who asked for them. And asked for autographed copies! If people are asking, then I mean to make them happy if I can.

Before they come out, I'll probably do a free copy selection for the trade paperback edition from those on the mailing list, so keep a look out for that. If you're not on the mailing list (remember, I don't do spam!) then you can click the link to the right ----> and get on it.

Second: Freebies!

This is where my favor asking comes in. I'm trying to make Silo 49: Going Dark "perma-free". That is when it is free on as many venues as possible. I've successfully got it free at Barnes&Noble online, iTunes and Smashwords (with Kobo to follow) and on the various library feeds but not yet on Amazon. Amazon doesn't do free but it will do price-matching. The only way to get it to make a book free is to complain long and often.

There's a part of the book page on Amazon that looks like this:

See that part that asks "tell us about a lower price?" That needs to be clicked and filled out often in order for them to get the idea. If anyone feels like it, please go to the Amazon Silo 49: Going Dark page and click on it. Then put in any of the following addresses:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/silo-49-going-dark/id819625154?mt=11
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/silo-49-ann-christy/1118597967?ean=2940045685900
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/406837

The price is 0.00 with shipping 0.00 and then you're done.

Every single time I see someone has bought another copy, even though it is only 99 cents, I cringe. So far it's been downloaded for free hundreds of times at other sites, so there is no reason that Amazon shouldn't price match. Thanks!

Why am I trying to make it free? Well, because I really do think people should get to try a series before they buy a series in today's world. I had to wait for it to come out of Amazon Select to do it, so it took me an extra three months.

Third: Major Milestones!

It was awkward but also one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. I was taking my time cruising around Wegman's (which is an amusement park for foodies and not a grocery store) and kept noticing a woman sort of staring at me. I figured she was probably someone who worked in the vast building I work in that I just didn't recognize. When I got over to the "really good meat" counter, I was standing there trying to decide between boar and lamb while I waited in line and looked over and saw her again. She was totally checking out the contents of my cart. So, when it came my turn in line I said she could go ahead of me because I still didn't know what I wanted.

Instead, she blushed and then asked me, "Are you Ann Christy? The one who wrote Silo 49?"

I was totally floored and dumbstruck so I just nodded.

She grinned at me and then....wait for it...asked me for my autograph! So, I gave it to her right there and was simultaneously embarrassed and delighted. I couldn't even get the meat and had to run off and scoop up some chicken afterward instead.

So, there's that big thing that happened. A reader found me at Wegman's!

Doggalito News!

Some of you may already know that my beloved dog, Charlie, had to get surgery last week to basically rebuild his knee. He's thirteen and pigeon-toed so we knew this might happen. He tore a ligament and then tore a second one on the same knee while waiting for his ortho appointment. So, last week he had the whole thing re-built with two titanium implants, ligament repairs and bone refacing to correct the pigeon-toed stance in that leg so it wouldn't happen again. Pretty big surgery. He came through like a champ!

I've had to remain camped on the lower level of the house for the last week while he is crated because he freaks when he can't see me. I run upstairs to change and take showers during the peak period of his drowsiness from his pain meds. You should see my hair! And my living room! It looks like a refugee camp down here. Here's his picture. You can see where they shaved his leg and his back for his epidural. No incision showing so the picture is safe for the squeamish.

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