Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Read Other Stuff, Too + Giggly Picture

I went to the Library on this grungy snowy day to pick up another audiobook for my wicked DC commute. So why do I look so happy here?

Because I'm going to make the commute this week a scary one. 

I finally got to the top of the list to pick up World War Z (there were six ahead of me when I put a hold on it). I go through about two a week unless it's George R. R. Martin. Those can take weeks with their 36 or more CDs per book. I'm currently listening to The Hunger Games, which I've read at least half a dozen times but never listened to. It's exceptionally well done.

I wonder how many others listen to audiobooks as a way to make their commutes go faster and avoid road rage?

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