Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Friends of WOOL pricing to end soon!

I've been delaying this for a while. It was only supposed to last three months but we are now into month six for Deep Dark so it is time.

While I am making Silo 49: Going Dark perma-free (it is available at Smashwords, iTunes and B&N for free, but Amazon is still not price matching yet!), I need to have the other ones pay me back for their production.

It ain't a huge jump and three or four bucks for a full length novel is still a good deal. I'm still a believer in LOW priced shorts so Silo 49: Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded, at 20K+ words is going to remain 99 cents. That is the lowest that Amazon will let me price.

I'm also going to keep them on the program that allows for Amazon Prime members to borrow, which means they won't be available in other venues.

So, I'm giving everyone the head's up so they can get books two and three for cheap before I change the prices. I hope this doesn't alienate any readers because my whole goal has been to entertain and connect with people who like to read.

And I will continue to offer Friends pricing for each new book when it first comes out. Mostly, only the first week or two, but if you're on the mailing list or follow this blog or facebook, you'll know about it and be able to grab it up at the lower price. No worries there!

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