Friday, February 28, 2014

Silo 49: Going Dark finally FREE on Amazon! Celebrate!

As mentioned in my last post, the Friends of WOOL pricing for the full length novels in the Silo 49 Series, Deep Dark and Dark Till Dawn, was supposed to end today after many additional months of the discounted price. Well, Amazon finally went free price-matching on Going Dark and I'm over the moon.

Because a lot of people will pick up the book in the first flush of free-ness, I'm going to extend the 1.99 pricing on those two books for another day or two so these new Friends of WOOL can grab it at the low prices.

Assuming they don't hate Going Dark, that is.

Also, I wrote some time ago that I was working on getting print editions of the books for those who have written and asked about it. Well, the first one that will come out is the last book, Silo 49: Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded. Mostly because it is the shortest and so much easier to eat the costs of if the proofs don't work out.

I think the cover might have a problem but the proof copy will be here next week for me to check. After that, assuming the problem is easy for the cover artist to fix, it will be available! Whoot. Here's a peek.

And as I agreed to do in the various emails, I'll be sure and buy several at wholesale for those who want signed copies and then send them out. Cost will be exactly wholesale and cost of profit, for those who are first out of the gate. And yes, I will still be doing a giveaway of each signed version as they come out from those who are members of the mailing list.