Monday, February 10, 2014

Silo 49: Going Dark is now FREE on Smashwords!

It is not easy to get something to go free on Amazon. It may seem like it is easy because it happens, but for a regular person like myself, who does not have a tech team or even any experience, it is something of a labyrinthine process.

After much time, a few screams at the computer and a whole lot of hours spend diddling around with the format for each platform, I managed to get the first book in the Silo 49 series up on Smashwords for free. I won't know if it makes their expanded distribution for a while, which would make it free on other platforms and give me a shot at making it free on Amazon, but that first step is made.

You can get Kindle formats from there so if you haven't gotten it yet, but somehow wound up here, you can get it there. Here is the link:

My intention is to make it perma-free, which is the catch phrase for making it free on as many platforms as possible permanently.

Why am I doing this? A few reasons. It's already been pirated and I'd rather people get it from a safe and authorized site rather than go for the pirated version. But I won't be making all of them free so my line stops there. Also, I'm a relatively unknown author. Actually, outside the Silo fan circles, I'm completely unknown. It's a good chance for people to try something before they commit and I'm all for that. Also, I only make 35 cents a copy that is sold, so I won't be losing much. And it's worth it to have others be able to read books they might like. I like Silo people. You're a fun bunch!

Now for a request. Right now Going Dark has 93 reviews....93 is so close to 100 and I would love to have three digits of reviews. Really, truly, love.

The other three books, Deep Dark, Dark Till Dawn and Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded have far fewer reviews and that is hurting the visibility of the books. If you can, please drop over to Amazon and leave a review if you can. Twenty words is the minimum and I would really appreciate it.

I'm working hard on the next book...not in the Silo series. But I'm also tossing around a story called Roughneck that is set in Silo 49 at it's beginning. It marries up with my story, The Last Republican, that is slated to go into an anthology of Silo stories benefiting charity. We'll see what happens. The book I'm currently working on is a hard one because it has limited characters and spans vast measures of time and space, yet has a tiny and limited setting. Until next on!

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